Onyx and Pink Ombre Lips

Please excuse the poor pictures. I was attempting at creating Onyx and Pink Ombre Lips, because I was EXTREMELY sleepy it ended up very questionable. This was practice, but I’m going to share it because, well, we all start somewhere. I will try again soon. Hopefully with better pictures (please excuse the hair grow back, back to the waxer I go!)

All right, peeps, grab your Onyx ShadowSense, Icicle Lipsense,  Kiss for a Cause Lipsense, and Opal Gloss, because here we go:

Add Icicle Lipsense to Start and Line Your Lips with Onyx – Gosh, this was horrible
A little more
Add Kiss for a Cause and BLEND the heck out of it
Add gloss. LOTS OF GLOSS!
Half Asleep Galaxy Ombre

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