An attempt at Pinup Makeup

Inspired by all the beautiful girls of the pinup world, I attempted to recreate their look with red lips and minimal make up. Also, it is April and I am still participating in #RedMyLips.

Lips: I used Lipsense Napa and Lipsense BluRed. I lined my lips with Napa and then dabbed blu red in the center. Then, I added a thin layer or blured all over my lips for a blended effect and topped it with matte gloss.

Eyeshadow: I used neutral colors from Smashbox – I bought a palate so I’m not sure what they all are. I started with a light color first and then layered it progressively darker.

Eyeliner:, I used Kat Von D’s Liquid Liner, no idea what color it was – it is a dark brown.

Mascara: Brown LashSense

Contouring: I used Bronze Blush Sense for darker contouring and Pouty Pink Blushsense for my cheeks. I blended well.

Foundation: Iope Number 23 from Target



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