My Skincare Regime and Pinup Makeup Attempt #2

I am relatively lucky that my acne has receded since I was in high school, but I am convinced it is part luck and part skincare products. I have been an avid Memebox user for more than a year and I am a gold member – I absolutely love it. I love having a routine in the morning with six specific steps:

  • Oil Cleanse – Cleanit Zero
  • Cleanser – Any Cleanser with a 5.5 PH
  • Toner – I use a Tea Tree Toner from MemeBox
  • Serum – I use the Anti-Wrinkle
  • Essence – Laneige Water Serum Bank – Target
  • Moisturizer – Climate Control

If it is the morning, I will add

  • Eye Illuminator
  • Missha Sun Milk
  • Silk Primer
  • Iope #23 Compact

If it is the evening, I leave it at the climate control. Sometimes I will do a mask. I prefer clay masks that draw out my pores.

Since I started using the Senegence anti wrinkle, climate control, and eye illuminator, I have found that my fine lines are going away. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to look younger, not really. I love being 35 and the wisdom and peace I have found with this age, but I like taking the time to take care of my face and my skin – it keeps pimples and lines away.

Here is my second attempt at pinup make up:

I always start my skincare regime with this funny headband I got at the dollar store.
I made a Lipsense Fly Girl and Samon Ombre with Opal gloss on top.

All the different sides.

Full Face- Pinup MakeUp Attempt #2 – Foundation, Bronze Blushsense for contouring, Pouty Pink Blushsense for blush, Kat Von D Liquid Liner, Smashbox eye shadow (layered from light to dark), and finished with Brown Lashsense.

I love how these came out.


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