A Time for Reinvention

When I was a child, I loved to rummage through my grandmother’s, mother’s and aunt’s closets. I could get lost for hours reading magazines from the 50’s and 60s. Finding hidden treasures in the form of vintage dresses, shoes, and pictures. When my grandparents were fast asleep, I would steal away to grandma’s closet and look at all the pretty things. 

When I stayed in my mother’s room, I would try on all her dresses. Sadly, I was a chubby child and couldn’t fit anything. I stayed a chubby child until I graduated from high school. Every year, I would return to my mother’s closet and secretly try on her dresses. I never fit into them, I especially didn’t fit into my grandmother’s tiny, fashionable wardrobe.

Grandma loved (and still loves) to tell me about how Betty Moo (a Hawaiian designer) would let her into her warehouse and she would pick out the exact fabric and style she wanted. My mother was married in a Betty MuuMuu.

Grandma always wears red lipstick. I remember her red lipstick everywhere when I visited her. On glasses. On straws. Melted in the car. When grandma wasn’t watching, I would use her red lipstick and her make up. She had a picture of her looking like a pinup in her bathroom. I always wanted to be that girl.

My mother never wore make up. It wasn’t interesting to her. When I was in my teens, I desperately wanted to wear it, but had no one to teach me. My grandma lived on another island. Whenever I put it on, I felt beautiful. But my brother’s friend and my brother would tease me that I looked like I was “painting by the numbers”. I put my make up away.

I tried again in college. I would put on my make up. I loved it. I always had black eyeliner, red lips, and blush. Just like my grandma did in her picture. I stopped wearing it for a while. If you would like to read that story, read the blog post more thoughts on #RedMyLips2017.

Red lips symbolize beauty and power to me. It also reminds me of my grandmother – in my mind, always a beautiful pin up girl. Even now, she wears red lipstick and reminds me it “brightens up the face.”

As I get older, I realize how much I miss going through my grandma’s closets and hunting for hidden treasures. I still love the style and reading about the era. I guess that is why I have been so focused on learning pinup makeup. Participating in the #RedMyLips campaign has not only helped me join a cause I believe in, it has also inspired me to wear red lips again. However, unlike my grandma, I will not have my lipstick everywhere!

Here are my #RedMyLips lips. I used 1 layer of Mulled Wine and 2 layers of Blu Red then topped with a matte gloss. It lasted all day!

Has a color ever inspired you to change? Post your answer in the comments section!

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