What is Not On Your Collar?


What is Not On Your Collar? 

Not on Your Collar is a blog dedicated to fashion and waterproof lipstick looks that I create myself with Senegence products.

You will find a lot of 1950’s Pinup Style, funky shoes and red lips, but also fundraisers and blog posts dedicated to causes I believe in.

I’ve been seeing pictures on your Instagram and Facebook, what is Lipsense and why does it stay on so long? 

LipSense is a long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, kiss proof, smear proof, and smudge proof!  It goes on little like paint and is easy to create the perfect waterproof lip looks. You can also your own color palette by combining colors from 36 shades.

What is Senegence? 

SeneGence is a direct sales company that was started in 1999 with a waterproof lip color that

was founded on the idea to offer superior products and an opportunity for women to be independent and successful in business regardless of age, background, or education. ~  Excerpt from Senegence.com

It now has a large line of skincare and make up products that are easy to use and beautiful.

How can I sign up to get a 20-50% discount for Lipsense/Senegence products?

To sign up for Senegence and get a 20% discount, there is an annual fee of $55. There is no minimum order to start. If you are looking into making this a career, I’d recommend ordering the minimum order to start and then building your lipsense color stock. Although there are a lot of out of stock issues right now, colors come available often. I have been able to purchase colors every other week. In order to make sure that I have the colors my clients need, I purchase 10-15 colors of one color and trade for the colors that my customers request.

What are the exact costs of signing up and what do I get? 

When you sign up, it is $55 plus tax and cost of shipping the training materials. When you sign up, you do not receive product. You receive training materials and a book written by the founder of the company.

So, no product? But I want to sell!

No, there will not be product, but when you receive the training materials, you can read through them and decide exactly what you would like to order. Also, you can email, friend me on Facebook, and join our group on facebook – we will help you decide what is the best initial order for your initial budget. The key word here is YOU. We want to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with your choice of products and your decision to sign up with our team.

What if I want to buy for personal use? Is there a minimum order per month? 

There is no minimum order per month. There is a 100 PV minimum per 6 months, but that is easily done if you love lipsense and the products. If, like me, you enjoy skincare products, you could purchase cleanser, climate control (essence), anti-wrinkle cream, and silk pore minimizer and it would be over the PV minimum. If you love lipsense and shadowsense, you could purchase 5 Lipsense colors and 5 Shadowsense colors and make the PV minimum.


What is the sliding scale of discounts? 

See below:



Great, I’m ready.  Where is the link to sign up? 

You can: Click here

My distributor ID is #294938 and you should be able to see it when you start sign up. You may see a sold out pop up, and this is addressed above. I’m not going to say it is easy to do while there are OOS issues, but we have a great team with lots to trade amongst each other and we love to help each other out.

I still have questions. Who do I talk to? 

Email me at: notonyourcollar@gmail.com with your questions. I would love to help!



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